Twin Peeks

Looking forward to showing my work alongside my friend and fellow artist Marleen De Waele at the Parthenon in Nashville next month. Our show “Twin Peeks” will express our vision and unique perspectives in our year and a half-long journey through the Nature preserves and parks that we visited around Nashville together. Our time working together was unique for me, I have worked with writers and art directors in past collaboration.  I had never worked with another visual artist on a collaborative process.  The show is Curated as photo/painting Diptychs,  we hope this visual duet presentation will highlight how important parks are to everyone. Everyone has their own vision of the world and nature is where we meet that world in the beginning. Cultivating a love of the out doors early in life through creative process can bring other positive outcomes, in other areas of life. My use of in-camera double exposures echos the theme of doubles in this show. Actually there were a few triple exposures in this one…   Link



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