A Ring of White silver



The Great American Eclipse. © 2017 Jeff Frazier                

I have seen many different skies in my lifetime but I have never seen a sky like the one I saw yesterday. My writing skills would never do this vision justice, so I rely on other’s to describe this astounding phenomenon. I think Elizabeth Enright comes close to putting in words what I can only try to do in image…

“In the deep sky where there had been a sun, we saw a ring of white silver; a smoking ring, and all the smokes were silver, too; gauzy, fuming, curling, unbelievable. And who had ever seen the sky this color! Not in the earliest morning or at twilight, never before had we seen or dreamed this strange immortal blue in which a few large stars now sparkled as though for the first time in creation.”
~ Elizabeth Enright



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